MacMillan Publishing Ukraine

With over 7000 staff operating in more than 80 countries, Macmillan Publishers Ltd is one of the largest and best known international publishing groups in the world. It is characterized by high-quality academic and scholarly, educational, fiction and non-fiction publishing in many forms; from STM and social science journals to serious non-fiction and literary fiction; from educational course materials and dictionaries to college textbooks, academic monographs and reference with supporting online resource sites.

As a privately-owned company, one of Macmillan’s strengths is its ability to focus on organic development and investment for the long term. Macmillan prides itself on a willingness to innovate as well as on employing visionary people with the creative and business sense to develop and implement new ideas.  This focus has successfully led to the expansion of the group into new business areas  and an ability to innovate, especially in the digital space.

Macmillan is particularly unusual in the publishing world in its commitment to service and is one of the only publishing groups to provide other publishers with services right across the author to reader cycle.

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